Module code: ACTM044

Module Overview

The Advanced Practice module builds on all the previous programme learning outcomes, in order to ensure that the student achieves a professional level entry into the industry for which s/he has trained.

The module enables students to collaborate on an original or adapted screen performance project. Students will also produce a sustained independent project (SIP) which can be a solo performance project (30 mins) plus a short framing statement (500 words) about the content, context, concept, and performance methods used. Alternatively they may produce a written critical evaluation (6,000 words) which will critically re-assess their work over the year. Either option will analyse and critique the synthesis of research, rehearsal and performance results.


Sustainability Statement

In the delivery of this module, GSA is guided by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development goals. We aim to promote and encourage a sense of enterprise and entrepreneurship. The module aims to foster an understanding of sustainable financial and business models.

Module provider

Guildford School of Acting

Module Leader


Number of Credits: 60

ECTS Credits: 30

Framework: FHEQ Level 7

Module cap (Maximum number of students): N/A

Overall student workload

Independent Learning Hours: 382

Tutorial Hours: 6

Practical/Performance Hours: 26

Guided Learning: 186

Module Availability

Semester 2

Prerequisites / Co-requisites


Module content

Indicative content includes:

Screen Acting Project: Students will be given practical instruction in filmmaking techniques, and will work in small groups to create, shoot and edit their work, which may be shown in a screening during the final class.

Sustained Independent Project: Students will conduct independent and supervised research and development towards the realisation of EITHER a solo performance project (max. 30 minutes) and accompanying framing statement (circa 500 words) OR a 6,000 word critical evaluation.

Assessment pattern

Assessment type Unit of assessment Weighting
Practical based assessment Screen Acting Project (Practical): Continuous assessment of classroom exercises and application in finished film 50
Project (Group/Individual/Dissertation) Critical Evaluation (6,000 words) OR Solo Performance Project (30 mins max) plus short framing statement (500 words) 50

Alternative Assessment


Assessment Strategy

The assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate

  1. the ability to reflect critically on the creative process and its outcomes (C)

  2. the development of a sophisticated toolkit of performance techniques (K)

  3. the ability to communicate effectively in verbal/written form (T)

  4. the development of effective collaborative strategies (T)

Thus, the summative assessment for this module consists of:

  1. Screen Acting Project: continuous assessment of classroom exercises and their application on film.  This addresses 2 and 4, above.

  2. Sustained Independent Project: Either

  1. Solo performance project (max. 30 mins) and framing statement (500 words), this addresses 1, 2, and 3, above.

  2. Critical Evaluation (6,000 words), this addresses 1, 2 and 3, above.

Formative assessment

Formative assessment for the Sustained Independent Project will be provided via a series of tutorials and/or supervised rehearsals.


Verbal feedback will be given during each class session, and written feedback accompanies the summative assessments.

Module aims

  • stimulate constructive and critical reflection upon process and outcome
  • enable students to research and create an original or adapted piece of contemporary performance
  • enable the student to strategise for the pursuit and creation of artistic, and creative opportunities
  • prepare the student for engagement in the professional performance industry

Learning outcomes

Attributes Developed
001 Reflect critically on the creative process and its outcomes C
002 Make use of a sophisticated toolkit of performance techniques K
003 Communicate effectively in physical/verbal/written form T
004 Demonstrate effective collaborative strategies T
005 Form a range of strategies for managing a career in the performing arts P
006 Develop a professional profile through selection and preparation of appropriate performance material P

Attributes Developed

C - Cognitive/analytical

K - Subject knowledge

T - Transferable skills

P - Professional/Practical skills

Methods of Teaching / Learning

The learning and teaching strategy is designed to:

Assist students in the creation of original or adapted screen performance.

encourage students to analyse and critique the synthesis of research, rehearsal and performance results.

The learning and teaching methods include:

Group and individual research projects 40 hours

Group and individual rehearsals up to 240 hours

Independent research and study up to 240 hours

Group and individual film shoots 40 hours

Group and individual tutorials 40 hours

Group and Solo Performances (variable hours)


Indicated Lecture Hours (which may also include seminars, tutorials, workshops and other contact time) are approximate and may include in-class tests where one or more of these are an assessment on the module. In-class tests are scheduled/organised separately to taught content and will be published on to student personal timetables, where they apply to taken modules, as soon as they are finalised by central administration. This will usually be after the initial publication of the teaching timetable for the relevant semester.

Reading list
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Other information

GSA delivers its provision across three teaching blocks, within the University of Surrey’s existing semester structure.

Please note that the information detailed within this record is accurate at the time of publishing and may be subject to change. This record contains information for the most up to date version of the programme / module for the 2025/6 academic year.