Education for Health Professionals MA - 2023/4

Awarding body

University of Surrey

Teaching institute

University of Surrey


FHEQ Level 7

Final award and programme/pathway title

MA Education for Health Professionals

Subsidiary award(s)

Award Title
PGDip Education for Health Professionals
PGCert Education for Health Professionals

Modes of study

Route code Credits and ECTS Credits
Part-time PSA63004 180 credits and 90 ECTS credits

QAA Subject benchmark statement (if applicable)

Education Studies

Other internal and / or external reference points


Faculty and Department / School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences - School of Health Sciences

Programme Leader

WHITE Nikki (Health Sci.)

Date of production/revision of spec


Educational aims of the programme

  • Enable qualified health and social care professionals who have acquired accredited teacher status to undertake research in order to generate new knowledge to influence learning and teaching practice

Programme learning outcomes

Attributes Developed Awards Ref.
Explore in depth the conceptual models, theories and frameworks that support the provision of educational practice K MA
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding through the scholarship of teaching K MA
Evaluate strategies that will enhance the quality of learning, teaching and assessment K MA
Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the conceptual models, theories and frameworks that support leadership in the context of educational practice K MA
Utilise in depth knowledge and critical appraisal skills through research evaluation K MA
Undertake audit that will enhance the quality of the learning and teaching experience K MA
Demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge of research methodology in order to create and interpret knowledge in the practice of education. K MA
Analyse and systematically evaluate the journey of learning for both teacher and student C MA
Utilise self-directed and autonomous approaches to research and enquiry, generating a deeper understanding of the concepts of learning and teaching C MA
Critically explore the effectiveness of learning and teaching strategies through the synthesis of innovative approaches C MA
Be cognisant of the complexities of curriculum design through creativity C MA
Analyse and evaluate approaches to leadership in order to facilitate the delivery of high quality learning and teaching. C MA
Initiate audit activities that measure effectiveness of learning and teaching. C MA
Critically appraise learning and teaching research through systematic review in order to deliver evidence based learning and identify areas for further research C MA
Design and undertake an investigation of a systematically identified learning C MA
Professional practical skills C MA
Deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, make sound judgements in the absence of complete data and communicate their conclusions clearly P MA
Engage creatively in participative learning techniques, i.e. Problem-based / enquiry-based / action learning, enabling sound judgements to be made in complex and unpredictable situations T MA
Adopt a critical reflexive stance towards their own practice and its development T MA
Work collaboratively with colleagues, through team work and leadership, to ensure that resources are managed responsibly T MA
Become autonomous, utilising professionalism to all aspects of their role whilst effectively communicating and working in partnership with colleagues from a range of disciplines to explore learning T MA
Show critical awareness of current issues much of which is at the forefront of their academic or professional discipline T MA
Communicate effectively and competently in a professional or academic arena giving clear evidence based and duly considered information. T MA
Initiate change and practice development, engaging with others to facilitate the professional advancement of self and others. T MA

Attributes Developed

C - Cognitive/analytical

K - Subject knowledge

T - Transferable skills

P - Professional/Practical skills

Programme structure


This Master's Degree programme is studied part-time over three to five years, consisting of 180 credits at FHEQ level 7. All modules are worth 15 credits with the exception of project, practice based and dissertation modules.
Possible exit awards include:
- Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits)
- Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits)
Parts of this programme may be studied outside of the standard University structure and may be subject to professional body requirements.

Programme Adjustments (if applicable)



Unstructured (3-5 years) - FHEQ Level 7

Module Selection for Unstructured (3-5 years) - FHEQ Level 7

Students must take all core modules and choose one optional module. Information on CPD modules can be found at:

Opportunities for placements / work related learning / collaborative activity

Associate Tutor(s) / Guest Speakers / Visiting Academics N
Professional Training Year (PTY) N
Placement(s) (study or work that are not part of PTY) Y Students undertake teaching in their practice area
Clinical Placement(s) (that are not part of the PTY scheme) N
Study exchange (Level 5) N
Dual degree N

Quality assurance

The Regulations and Codes of Practice for taught programmes can be found at:

Please note that the information detailed within this record is accurate at the time of publishing and may be subject to change. This record contains information for the most up to date version of the programme / module for the 2023/4 academic year.